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Reminder - If your water system is facing any issues, such as a failure of critical infrastructure, as a result of Tropical Storm Isaias or other event, please report on WebEOC.


WebEOC provides a real-time common operating picture and resource request management tool for emergency managers at the local and state levels during exercises, drills, local or regional emergencies, and/or statewide emergencies.


As a result of the three major storms in 2011-2013, a specific dedicated WebEOC screen was created solely for public water system use. It is important that public water systems utilize this method to report system status to the DPH during an emergency event through the state web-based Emergency Operations System.


Log in to WebEOC here.


For more information on WebEOC, click here.


If you are facing any critical issues and need CWWA's assistance in addressing with the state or other parties, please contact CWWA's Executive Director Betsy Gara at 860-841-7350 or



If you have any critical drinking water emergencies, please call 860-692-2333. Do NOT call this number for routine issues or questions - only acute risk issues.

Contact for Routine Issues/Questions


Please email with any routine questions or concerns. Staff will be monitoring this email. If for any reasons you don't hear from staff within a reasonable time period, please email



Now is the time to consider joining CtWARN which supports and promotes statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response, and mutual assistance matters for public and private water and wastewater utilities through 1) Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreements and 2) a Computer Internet Website which provides the resource information database that the member utility will be able to use to match its emergency need for equipment or experienced personnel with the resources available from responding members. For more information, click here.


Storm Response - Critical Infrastructure

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