48th Annual Joint Conference with CTAWWA & CWWA

There is an opportunity for individuals desiring to present at the CTAWWA/CWWA 48th Annual Joint Conference.

Criteria for selection - Originality, Innovative, Significance of Work, Audience Range, Technical Content, Case Studies, Quality of Abstract, Real Life.

Suggested topics - Innovated Solutions, Sustainability, Resilience and Cyber Security, Efficiency and Water Loss, Asset Management, Conservation, Emerging Technologies, Information Technology, Plant Operations, Small Systems, Water Treatment, Construction, Engineering, Maintenance, Regulatory Issues, Strategic Planning, Distribution, Utility Management, Safety, Water Quality. Please note that the selection of presentations for Annual Conference will be made by the CT Section Conference Committee with the presenters being notified by March 15, 2019

What to submit - For full consideration, the speaker biography and detailed outline of the 30-45minute presentation must be submitted by the deadline indicated below. The course will be presented to the CT Department of Public Health for CEU approval for attendees.

Deadline Submissions are due by March 1, 2019 and should be sent via email to Scott Bonett

Questions - Please call  Scott Bonett at (860) 257-1067, or Jen Muir at (860) 249-0989 ext 700