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The Connecticut Water Works Association, Inc. (CWWA) is an association of public water supply utilities serving more than 500,000 customers, or a population of about 2 1/2 million people, located throughout Connecticut. Membership in the Association is open to all Connecticut water utilities: investor-owned, municipal and regional utilities. Business engaged in or associated with the manufacture, distribution or sale of products or professional services used by the water and wastewater industry may join as CWWA Supporters.

The Mission of CWWA is to promote and achieve effective state policies that assure reliable high-quality public water supplies to protect public health.

CWWA Membership Benefits
CWWA members have the opportunity to help shape policies affecting public water supplies. As a professional association that has been in existence for more than 75 years, CWWA works toward meaningful and effective legislation and regulations to provide a safe, high quality supply of water for our consumers and a regulatory environment where we can operate effectively. We work closely with legislators, regulators, environmental associations and watershed associations to ensure that the state's water resources are responsibly regulated and managed to meet public water supply, environmental, and other societal needs - now and in the future. We offer our members:

Successful Lobbying Strategies
CWWA has a long record of success at the state Capitol. Every year, CWWA helps defeat dozens of bills that would impose signifcant costs on water utilities and make it more difficult for utilities to operate effectively and provide their customers with an ample supply of quality water. CWWA has also won passage of key legislation to help the water industry, such as measures that exempts back up wells and emergency interconnections from the diversion permitting process and streamlines the general permit process.

Improving the Regulatory Process
CWWA works hard to improve Connecticut's regulatory environment to allow its members to operate more effectively. Whether it's working with the state Department of Environmental Protection to steamline the general permit process or spearheading efforts to ensure that the Water Planning Council adopts policies to improve Connecticut's water planning, management and allocation programs, CWWA is there representing its members' interests.

Keeping Up-to-Date with New and Pending Laws and Regulations
From state and federal grant information to new reporting deadlines and federal projects to assist small systems, CWWA makes sure its members have timely information on everything that is happening in government affecting the water utility industry.

Assisting Small Systems
CWWA knows how hard it is to stay on top of what's happening in the industry, particularly for small systems. As a member, you will recieve bi-monthly newsletters, e-mail and fax alerts - chock full of the information you need to operate more effectively.

For additional information, contact CWWA's Executive Director, Betsy Gara at 860-841-7350 or